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Bridging the Gap to Online Education

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About ACC Worldwide Learn

ACC Worldwide Learn: Bridging the Gap to Online Education

Founded by seasoned university professors Dr. Cindy Atchley and Dr. Leslie Blood, ACC Worldwide Learn emanates from their combined three-decade experience in online teaching and course development. Having developed and taught online courses across various universities both domestically and globally, they are deeply attuned to the unique challenges adult learners face while pursuing online academic degrees.

“Why ACC Worldwide Learn”

US News and World Report (2023) noted that in 2019, over 110 million people took online courses, and of those, 52% never looked at the course materials. Over a five-year period, the average dropout rate in a degree program was 40-60%.

A common misconception is that online courses are simpler than their in-class counterparts. Conversely, they often demand greater discipline and more substantial input. The flexibility of online learning does not imply reduced course rigors. Misguided expectations and unpreparedness can jeopardize a student's success.

Recognizing this challenge, Dr. Atchley and Dr. Blood identified a gap: the need for a comprehensive guide to navigate online academia. This insight led to the creation of "Mastering Online Academic Skills." Designed to acclimate potential online students to the virtual classroom's nuances, this course offers valuable tools and guidance on research techniques and essay composition and familiarizes students with APA and MLA formatting and much more. Tailored to suit various learning management platforms, institutions can employ this course to acquaint newcomers with the online academic realm.

Our new courses include:

Academic Skills:

  • Mastering Online Academic Skills (returning students new to online)

  • Preparing for your Online Academic Journey (first-time college students)

  • Introduction to Critical Thinking

  • Introduction to Research

  • Introduction to Essay Writing

Continuing the Legacy: ACC Worldwide Learn will be expanding its course portfolio to cater to small business owners and budding entrepreneurs.

Business Skills:

  • Business Communication

  • Taking your Business Global

  • Leadership and Supervision

These courses are designed to provide a foundational grasp on the topic, supported by resources for deeper exploration.

We offer two distinct formats: instructor-led and self-directed. While the former comes with grading and instructor feedback, the latter allows students to undertake assignments without evaluation, offering flexibility in learning approaches.

Mission Statement

At ACC Worldwide Learn, our mission is to fortify the academic journey of college students and small business owners worldwide. Through our carefully crafted online courses, we are committed to cultivating essential skills that lay the foundation for academic achievement and career progression. We believe in the potential of every student and small business owner, and our goal is to bridge the gap that connects you to success. We equip you for a future filled with accomplishments and purpose by instilling confidence, competence, and critical thinking.​​​

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Dr. Cindy Atchley

Dr. Cindy Atchley

Dr. Cindy Atchley, a seasoned academic and corporate professional, boasts over 33 years of diverse experience in marketing, management, instruction, and international business. Currently a founding partner at ACC Worldwide Learn, she serves as an online professor for prestigious universities across the US, Saudi Arabia, and The Netherlands.

Dr. Leslie Blood

Dr. Leslie Blood

Voted Faculty of the Year at multiple Universities, legal and leadership expert Leslie Cooper Blood is an award-winning professor, keynote speaker, and business strategist. With a finance, law, and leadership background, her career expands over several industries, including banking, insurance, securities, contracts, taxation, etc. Leslie worked her way from an entry-level position to earn her seat at the C-Suite table, then evolving into a leading entrepreneur.

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