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Preparing for your Online
Academic Journey

Whether you're eagerly anticipating your high school graduation or considering restarting your academic journey online, the transition to college can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Prepare yourself for success and excel in your academic pursuits with ACC Worldwide Learn.

Invest in yourself! Invest in your success!

Virtual education

About this course

Preparing for your Online Academic Journey

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Are you graduating high school soon and excited about the journey ahead? Or have you delayed your academic career and think it’s time to start your college degree online? College offers thrilling opportunities, but the transition can also feel daunting. This course equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to make your college experience successful and fulfilling.

The course takes you through the following topics:

  • Understanding the differences between high school and college academics. 

  • Mastering effective time management. 

  • Learn various note-taking techniques.

  • Set SMART goals for yourselves.

  • Learn to conduct research at the college level.

  • Learn to cite sources correctly in APA and MLA format.

  • Learn techniques to develop effective essays.

  • Learn effective communication skills.


Set yourself up for success and be at the top of the class with these skills.

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