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Introduction to Critical Thinking

Welcome to ACC Worldwide Learn's 'Introduction to Critical Thinking' course—an immersive online experience designed to cultivate the skills for intellectual growth and academic success. Tailored for both novice and seasoned learners, this three-week journey combines theoretical frameworks with hands-on exercises to deepen your understanding of critical thinking. Through interactive discussions and collaborative forums, participants will sharpen their analytical prowess, hone their decision-making abilities, and acquire the confidence to tackle challenges with clarity and precision. 

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Critical Thinking online course

Introduction to Critical Thinking

$99 Self-Paced - Start Anytime   $74 special until 9/30/24
$149 Instructor-Led - Dates Below $110 special until 9/30/24

March 11-31, 2024

June 10 - 30, 2024

August 5-25, 2024

September 9-29, 2024

October 7-27, 2024

November 4-24, 2024

December 2-22, 2024

About this course

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Embark on a transformative journey with our three-week online course, 'Introduction to Critical Thinking'. Tailored for new or returning college students, this course delves into the essentials of critical thinking, offering a blend of theoretical insights and practical applications. Over the span of three weeks, students will explore the foundations of logical reasoning, enhance their analytical skills, and learn to apply critical thinking in academic and real-world scenarios. This instructor-led course includes engaging exercises and collaborative discussion forums. Participants will learn to develop the ability to think independently, make informed decisions, and confidently approach complex problems. This course is invaluable for students aiming to improve their academic performance and prepare for a successful career in an ever-changing world.

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