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Introduction to Essay Writing

Welcome to 'Introduction to Essay Writing,' a dynamic three-week, instructor-led online course designed for new or returning college students. This course demystifies the art of crafting well-structured essays and formatting papers for critical thinking assignments. Students will explore essay organization, develop coherent arguments, and effectively use evidence. Through understanding various essay types, research techniques, and the 3x3 Writing process. Students will gain essential writing skills. Join us to build compelling arguments, master persuasive writing techniques, and improve your grammar, all with personalized instructor feedback 

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Introduction to Essay Writing

$99 Self-Paced - Start Anytime  $74 special until 9/30/24
$149 Instructor-Led - Dates Below  $110 special until 9/30/24

May 6-26, 2024

August 5-25, 2024

September 9-29, 2024

October 7-27, 2024

November 4-24, 2024

December 2-22, 2024

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 Learn the art of essay writing with our engaging three-week, instructor-led online course, 'Introduction to Essay Writing.' This course is designed to guide new or returning college students through the intricacies of crafting well-structured essays and formatting papers for critical thinking assignments. Starting with the basics of essay organization, students will learn to develop coherent arguments and use evidence effectively.  The course incorporates understanding the basics of types of essays, research, and planning your assignments.  The 3x3 Writing process: Pre-writing (plan), Writing (draft), and Post-Writing (Revise) will be used in assignments in the course. Building compelling arguments, persuasive writing techniques, and common grammatical errors will all be touched on.  Personalized instructor feedback and engaging discussions ensure a supportive and practical learning environment. Whether you're tackling your first college essay or looking to refine your writing skills, this course provides the foundation you are looking for.

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