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Mastering Online Academic Skills 

Discover essential strategies for excelling in academic learning and online performance with ACC Worldwide Learn's "Mastering Online Academic Skills." Explore course layouts, research and essay writing best practices, APA/MLA, assignment types, exam structures, and resources tailored to support your success in your online educational journey. 

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Mastering Online Academic Skills

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About this course

This course is designed to help students succeed in online academic settings. Students will learn how to manage their time effectively, draft essays, cite sources correctly in APA and MLA format, set SMART goals, learn how to best approach different types of online assignments, communication and critical thinking skills, research effectively, and follow best practices for online learning.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Manage your time effectively in an online learning environment.

• Learn techniques for writing essays

• Learn to cite sources correctly in APA and MLA format.

• Set SMART goals for yourselves.

• Learn to conduct effective research.

• Learn practical communication skills 

Following best practices for the online environment, you will be able to have the skills needed to be ahead of the curve.

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