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Introduction to Research

Welcome to ACC Worldwide Learn's 'Introduction to Research' course—a comprehensive three-week journey into the realm of academic inquiry. Whether you're stepping into the world of higher education for the first time or returning to academia, this instructor-led online course is crafted to equip you with the essential tools for successful research projects.  

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Introduction to Research

$99 Self-Paced - Start Anytime $74 special until 9/30/24
$149 Instructor-Led - Dates Below $110 special until 9/30/24

April 8-28, 2024

July 8-28, 2024

August 5-25, 2024

September 9-29, 2024

October 7-27, 2024

November 4-24, 2024

December 2-22, 2024

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About this course

 Discover the world of academic research with our three-week instructor-led online course, 'Introduction to Research.' Designed specifically for new or returning college students, this course offers a foundational exploration of the fundamentals of academic research, including research ethics, identifying research topics, using the library for research, how to read peer review journal articles, and citing sources.  Students will participate in engaging discussions and learn to use the library for peer-reviewed journal article research and developing a literature review. Designed to enhance your academic skill set, this course is your gateway to college success.

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